Finest Metal Plating, Coating, and Polishing

Environmental Friendliness

Green Business Practices at Our San Diego, California Factory

Environment Excellence Award

Award-winning, World-class, Onsite Hazardous Waste Treatment Facility

With so many of today’s plating, coating and fabrication services now performed overseas, we are proud to be an established, American factory alternative.

Award-winning, World-class, Onsite Hazardous Waste treatment Facility

We are a winner of the Hazardous Waste Award for the State of California. We are also a continual winner of the Encina Wastewater Authority Three-Year Compliance Award.

We were recipients of the Local Environmental Excellence Award 2000. We are a continual Gold Winner of the City of Vista Award for our devotion to protecting the environment in our factory’s home city.

Recipient of the Hazardous Waste Award for the State of California
Recipient of the Encina Wastewater Authority Compliance Award

Our manufacturing processes work in a manner that protects the environment. The California Water Environment Association awarded us the Industry of the Year Award us for our stewardship of the environment.

Our cutting edge processes and high standards of quality stand above those of foreign competitors, and result in better end products and customer satisfaction across the board. Plus, you can feel satisfied knowing that your business is helping to support American workers and business while also reducing the carbon footprint created when goods are shipped from other countries. Just as importantly, you can be assured of compliance with United States standards at all stages of your product’s life.

In addition to being an American factory, we are also committed to being a responsible steward of the environment. As a result, we are pleased to offer industry-leading and award-winning green standards for all of our processes.

Industry Standard Plumbing Certification

Through the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), we provide plumbing code certification to comply with all Federal and all states plumbing regulatory requirements.

Our products are ICC-ES listed and are tested to ASME A112.18.1-2011/CSA B 125 and ASSE 1016 and comply with section 9 of NSF 61, AB1953.

Our products comply with the Department of Energy applicable water conservation standards.

Recycling and Energy Conservation

We are a “zero discharge” facility, meaning that we dump nothing, and everything is recycled, including:

  • All metals from our plating tanks
  • All chemicals
  • All cardboard – over one million pounds per year are no longer ending up in landfills thanks to our efforts. We have reduced packaging and shipping materials by over 50% and currently use only recycled cardboard and paper products.
  • All water is processed to remove all metal and is evaporated into a sludge that can be recycled.
  • We have improved factory production areas with energy-saving compact fluorescent lighting.
  • We have reduced packaging and shipping materials by over 50% and currently use only recycled cardboard and paper products.
  • Retrofitted entire operation with energy-saving compact fluorescent lighting.
  • One of our goals is to become a paperless company.

Commitment to a Clean Environment

We believe that our corporation is responsible for contributing to an environmentally sound planet. Our efforts include contributing to clean air, clean water and waste recycling.

As a plating and coating facility, we qualify as a “zero discharge” existing source metal finisher. A very large percentage of our products are plated on-site, according to strict, California environmental standards. The result is the recycling of 95-98% of all water used in the plating process.

We are proactive in protecting the environment. We have been awarded the Encina Wastewater Authority Environmental Excellence Award for Pollution Prevention and the Southern California Plant of the Year Award from the California Water Environment Association.

Our manufacturing operation includes PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) finishing, which is an environmentally clean coating used for many of our products.

We use environmentally friendly tri-chrome processes only.

We manufacture products compliant with RoHS (Restriction of the Use of Hazardous Substances) legislation. RoHS-compliant chemicals ensure the safety of our customers and the environment.

Water Conservation for Residential and Commercial Projects

We are a Watersense U.S. Environmental Protection Agency partner and are currently immersed in the certification and labeling of our lavatory faucets and showerheads. Water-sense certified products count toward the LEED point requirements for homes and commercial projects.

Our ongoing efforts will continue as we learn additional ways to protect the environment.